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Personal Monograms

For this project I created two monograms of my initials, MNM. One was in a serif font and the other in san serif. The purpose of creating these was to develop a new way of thinking about how letter forms can interact in different combinations. The process consisted of tracing the fonts analogically 50 different times to construct different versions of possible monograms. After that I cleaned up the most successful mockups and designed 50 more to maximize my idea process and go off of each. Once I decided on 2 solid designs I enlarged the tracings and made sure they had crisp lines and were perfectly symmetrical. To complete the monograms, I brought the designs into Illustrator and used the pen tool to trace the letter forms and make all the lines perfectly straight and even. The san serif design was so successful that I decided on making it my personal logo for my website, resume, and social media.

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