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helen peabody tutelage doll

The Helen Peabody Tutelage Doll was created to translate the mood of Peabody Hall located at Miami University into a product. The hall is known to be haunted by Helen Peabody who makes it her mission to protect her female students from Miami males. The phantom’s objectives guided the idea of a voodoo doll that would act as a protector for girls to use in the instance that a boy is a threat. Inspiration was taken from the hall’s eerie Victorian interior in continuity to the signature red bricks of the exterior. Included with the doll are pins and historical information cards about Helen and the hall, along with news articles. These additional items are found in the interactive drawers on the back of the box. The packaging becomes a part of the doll and becomes more than a disposable piece of cardboard, it develops into a home and storage unit that bundles all the different features included.

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